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Jill Filipovic: Trump made me wear a purity ring

August 10, 2019
Photo: New York Post

Finally: peak Jill Filipovic:

There’s also a deep psychological overlap between evangelical purity culture and Trumpism. Making America great again and forgoing kissing for courtship both promise an easy route to a glorified past. Both come from a fear of the unknown, an aversion to new experiences, a deep disgust at a perceived other attaining equal footing….

In no other pivotal area of life do we insist on the total mindless fidelity that the “send her back” crowd demands. Similarly, for no life-shaping decision do we believe it’s healthy to have the total lack of experience that the “save yourself until marriage” brigade mandates. Team Love It or Leave It also hews to the bizarre theory that less information makes for better decision-making. Both movements are fundamentally invested in embracing ignorance. The flip side to “if you don’t like it, leave” is the suggestion that those who truly love America would never deign to cross its borders, let alone look abroad for valuable lessons. Adherents would rather know less, and as a result risk stagnation and decline, than come into contact with information that complicates their view of America as a red, white, and blue “We’re #1!” foam finger. Virginity-until-marriage proponents offer a similar promise: If you don’t know any better, you’ll never want anything more….

Trump and his chanting fans have zeroed in on four female congresswomen of color because they rightly see that a multi-tonal sea of Americans is rising to contest their long-held grip on power. The fear that this rise will strip away unearned advantages from whites is just as well founded as the virginity-men’s anxiety that sexual experience would make women more romantically discerning.

But here’s the absolute money quote that, yeah, you have to wade through a sump pond of blather to find–but when you come across it you’ll be beside yourself with joy because it’s so rich:

I took off my promise ring because not long after I got it, it became clear to me that the primary beneficiaries of these rules were men.

Mmmm, right. Men just can’t stand it when young women take their clothes off.

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