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NYT writer Jennifer Weiner outraged that people aren’t pretending Kelly McGillis is just as sexy as she was 33 years and about 133 pounds ago

August 19, 2019
Top Gun star Kelly McGillis, 62, spotted at church ahead of long-awaited release of sequel with Tom Cruise
Photos: SunBest
New York Times writer Jennifer Weiner is Very Upset that everybody isn’t pretending that Kelly McGillis is just as as sexy as she was when she was 33 years younger and weighed about 133 pounds less:
There I was, blissfully enjoying Lizzo, when the world had to intrude and remind me that it is still disgusted by normal female bodies.
Actually, it was a very tough summer emotionally for Weiner, what with Trump and that horrible thing that happened in the Bergdorf-Goodman dressing room:
Yes, there were tragedies. Heat waves. Mass shootings. The snap, crackle, fizzle of the Mueller testimony. Another credible allegation of rape leveled at our president.
But there was a silver lining:
If you don’t know who Lizzo is, I’m sorry that you have yet to experience the pure joy of a gorgeous, unapologetically plus-size black woman twerking in a bodysuit while playing the flute. Go Google her. I’ll wait.
Weiner is apparently no slouch in the plus-size department herself–and when you’re plus-size, all the world starts to look plus-size, too:

If I could go back in time, I would inject Lizzo straight into my 14-year-old veins. I would tell my teenage self that she would grow up and see a woman like this owning the stage and not hiding behind anything. I’d tell her that there would be a thing called social media, and on it she could see ads for plus-size swimsuits being worn by actual plus-size women, posing with thinner models like it was no big deal, like having thick thighs was no different from having red hair. I’d explain how she’d be able to load up her Instagram feed with athletes and models and singers and yoga instructors whose bodies all looked, to some degree, like her own and that all of this would help her walk through the world and feel O.K. and hope that things would get better for her daughters.

Then, uh-oh, a pin in the plus-size balloon:

And then the trailer for the new “Top Gun” movie dropped.

57, Tom Cruise still fits into his circa-1986 leather jacket, still rides his motorcycle without a helmet and looks as if there’s just got to be a portrait of his face rotting in an attic somewhere, or as if he’s sold his soul to Xenu. Even if he wasn’t so eerily well preserved, even if he’d aged the way his co-stars Tom Skerritt and Val Kilmer have, he’d probably still be leading the franchise. Men are allowed to age, to wrinkle and gain weight and still make millions starring in tentpole summer films.

Mr. Kilmer, Mr. Skerritt and Mr. Cruise are all reprising their roles. But Kelly McGillis, who played the astrophysicist/Top Gun instructor/girlfriend Charlie Blackwood in the original, wasn’t asked.

Even worse, Weiner discovered on Facebook, people weren’t saying very nice things about McGillis’s physical charms:

“It is a Top Gun sequel not Free Willy,” I read, and “highway to the Burger King” and “she looks like his mother not his girlfriend” and “It’s completely possible to be hot at 60 … sadly usually apathy wins.”

Time for some moral outrage on Weiner’s part:

I’m sorry that filmmakers missed their chance to give Tom Cruise’s Maverick an age-appropriate, normal-looking girlfriend. I’m sorry that President Trump brushed off another rape accusation with a sneering “she’s not my type” and much of the world just shrugged.

That dressing room thing again.

Kelly McGillis, by the way, who has struggled with drinking and poor health, seems to be more sanguine about her fate than Jennifer Weiner:

I’m old and I’m fat and I look age-appropriate for what my age is, and that is not what that whole scene is about,” Ms. McGillis, 62, told “Entertainment Tonight” in a phone interview. “But,” she said, “I’d much rather feel absolutely secure in my skin and who and what I am at my age as opposed to placing a value on all that other stuff.”

Unlike Weiner, McGillis doesn’t seem to need Lizzo to cheer her up.

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