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Old gender-neutrality: Stop favoring males. New gender-neutrality: Force everyone to be male.

September 10, 2019
 The new uniforms were brought in by headteacher Tony Smith after complaints from parents about short skirts
Photo: U.K. Sun
Old “gender neutral” rationale: Let’s stop favoring males.

Think about words like “mankind, congressmen, or guys” — chances are, you’ve thought about how terms like these encourage the idea that manhood and masculinity are society’s baseline. This linguistic erasure of women and femininity has long been critized by people concerned about the ways that everyday language further marginalizes gender minorities. And now, a new study agrees, concluding that using gender-neutral language reduces gender biases, The Guardian reported.

The study, published by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), examined the differences in participants’ attitudes about gender when they were prompted to use feminine, masculine, and gender-neutral pronouns to describe a hypothetical situation. According to the results of participants’ activities, the simple linguistic act of avoiding masculine pronouns reduced people’s biases….

This is perhaps unsurprising, as feminists have long argued that the assumption that being a man is a universal standard of being a human — using words like mankind to describe all of humanity, for example — is dehumanizing to people who aren’t men. By assuming who gets to define humanity by being the default word and pronoun choice, male dominance in language reinforces other forms of sexism in everyday life.

New “gender neutral” rationale: Let’s turn everyone into a male.

Parents at a secondary school in Sussex will protest at school gates on Friday after a head teacher warned that pupils would be sent home for failing to wear a new gender neutral uniform.

Priory School in Lewes updated its uniform policy in 2017 to include a rule which dictated that all new students must wear trousers.

The reason for the updated guideline was over “concerns” regarding the length of skirts worn at the academic institution, and in order to cater for pupils who identify as transgender.

Shortly before the school holidays, however, the school announced that all students, regardless of whether they are new or not, must wear trousers in compliance with its gender-neutral uniform regulations.

“From September 2019, all Priory students will be required to wear our updated uniform,” it states on the school’s website.

First it was biological men taking over women’s sports in the name of fairness to transgender people. Now it’s forcing your little girl to dress like a boy in the name of fairness to transgender people.

Why, when it comes to gender-bending, does the male gender always win?

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