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First, James “Luna” Younger, now Sprite’s “Junior, let me help you with your eye makeup” ad: Is the trans movement about trans people–or is it actually about moms?

November 13, 2019
Image: Activist Mommy

I’m starting to wonder if the trans movement isn’t really about people who say they’re trans.

It seems to be really about moms.

Evidence in point:

Exhibit A: 7-year-old James Younger, the Texas kid whose mom says he’s a girl and that his name is actually “Luna.”

Exhibit B: 4-year-old Eli Bhaskara, whose mom had him photographed for Instagram holding a placard that says, “Some men have periods too.”

And now we have Exhibit C: This video ad posted on Twitter by Sprite Argentina, the Argentine branch of Sprite, the lemon-lime soft drink made by Coca-Cola. The ad is supposed to be keyed to the Buenos Aires “Pride” parade, which took place on Nov. 2. But what it’s actually keyed to is: moms, moms, moms.

We have Mamacita #1 putting eye makeup on Junior (or maybe it’s “Junioress”) as he gets ready for the parade. Cut to Mamacita #2. She’s helping her teen daughter bind up her breasts so she’ll look like a boy. And then we go to Mamacita #3. She’s combing her hijito’s long green wig and fitting his strapless evening gown. (My apologies if I’m getting the pronouns wrong–that’s a crime in California, but I’m in D.C., fortunately).

After las tres mamacitas, some shots of little kiddies messing around with rainbow flags–and it’s back to the mamacitas, This time we see them smiling through their tears as they wave good-bye to their parade-headed offspring from doorways and balconies. Finally we do see one lone dad–but he’s about it.

The message of the ad is “You are not alone” (No estás “solx”–‘”solx” as in “Latinx”–ask Elizabeth Warren how to pronounce it).

And no, the moms of the trans movement are not alone. Moms are everywhere in the trans movement. And judging from the above, moms are the trans movement.

Posted by Charlotte Allen

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