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I’m confused: Was the Shakira-J-Lo halftime show a “subtle” dig at Trump’s immigration policies (Vanity Fair) or just “stripper pole, crotch-grabbing galore” (Breitbart)?

February 3, 2020

Photo: Breitbart

I’m confused.

Here’s Vanity Fair’s report on last night’s Super Bowl halftime show:

For twelve minutes in Miami on Sunday night, Jennifer Lopez and Shakira made history as the first Latinas to lead a Super Bowl half-time performance. Lopez honored her heritage by wearing a feathered cape that showed the U.S. flag on one side and the Puerto Rican flag on the other. She opened the cape up to show the Puerto Rico side as her daughter Emme Muñiz and a children’s choir joined her for the opening notes of Bruce Springsteen’s “Born in the USA.”…Lopez’s performance was an unmissable combination, particularly on a night when Donald Trump and Mike Bloomberg had also aired campaign ads….

The Puerto Rican flag flashed as the iconic Springsteen song played, as if to remind viewers that Puerto Ricans are American citizens. While Muñiz was singing, other children were dancing in cage-like structures—a subtler reference, but a possible nod to the thousands of children, most from Latin American countries, who have been detained at the border…

The night represents the first clear evidence of the impact that Jay-Z has had on the league since Roc Nation—who also represents Shakira—signed a deal to exert some influence over some of the NFL’s musical choices. In the years after scandal began to surround Colin Kaepernick’s protests against police brutality, Jay Z became one of the league’s most vigorous critics…

Lopez and Shakira’s performance was primarily a celebration of Latin American music and their own lengthy careers, but the subtle references to politics might serve as a guide for what the NFL will be like in the Jay Z era: current events aren’t too at the center, but apparent to anyone paying attention.

And here’s Breitbart’s:

The Super Bowl LIV halftime show in Miami’s Hard Rock Stadium saw pop megastar Jennifer Lopez, 50, swinging and hanging from a supersized stripper pole, a compilation of crotch-grabbing, and singer Shakira co-headlining.

Shakira hit the stage first performing her list of hits — “She Wolf,” “Empire,” “Whenever, Wherever”– and even bust out a guitar, belted lyrics en español, and treated the 100 million worldwide viewers with a tongue wag in front of the camera….

But this show’s star was Jennifer Lopez. The Grammy-winner ran through some of her biggest hits — “Jenny From the Block,” “Get Right” and “Waiting for Tonight,” — launched into a duet with her 11-year-old daughter, brandishing the American flag on one side and the flag of Puerto Rico on the other. And then there was J-Lo on the stripper pole, siding down, a la her (Oscars snubbed) turn as a stripper in the blockbuster hit Hustlers….

Shakira eventually popped back on stage to perform her global hit “Waka Waka.” The pair linked up again for a few more numbers, and more hip and crotch popping choreography before the show came to an end.

So who’s got it right, Vanity Fair or Breitbart?

Was the LIV halftime show a subtle political dig at President Donald J. Trump’s cold-hearted immigration policies? Or was it a giant crotch-and-tongue fest featuring veteran showbiz ladies who are perhaps a shade too old for that sort of public display? I have no idea myself, since my husband and I, although enjoying the margaritas and Super Bowl chili that my husband makes every year for the occasion, neglected to turn on the game itself.

But one thing is certain: Jeb Bush just loved the Shakira/J-Lo singin’ and dancin’. And we love Jeb.

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  1. Bandmeeting permalink

    What a world we live in. Jeb!, a complete non-entity at this point, tweets his approval of the Super Bowl half time show, the entertainment equivalent of sugar coated, caramel filled Cheetos, and the whole world knows about it the next morning.

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