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My Amy Cooper problem: Sure, she’s been ridiculously vilified by the media, but I’m glad she was fired–do I want a hysterical middle-aged dog-choker managing my investments?

May 27, 2020
Image: The Grio (Twitter screenshot)

My thoughts about Amy “The dog runs are closed–he needs his exercise” Cooper, until May 26 a New York City-based “head of investments solutions” for Franklin Templeton, when she got fired for claiming in an emergency 911 call to police, “There’s an African-American man threatening my life,” after 57-year-old birder Christian Cooper (no relation) asked her to leash her cocker spaniel, Henry, who was running around a woodsy trail in Central Park at 8 a.m., in violation of multiple signs requiring dogs to be on leash so as to protect the vegetation and the bird habitats:I’m glad she was fired.My husband and I have some of our savings in Franklin Templeton, and I don’t want my money managed by a 42-year-old single woman who:

1) calls herself a “dog mom” on Instagram and the dogs she owns her “babies” (If you’re into the “furbaby” thing instead of actual babies that you raise to be adult humans, I don’t want you near my life’s savings).

2) has a weird history of at least three “accidents” befalling Henry during the nearly two years after she adopted him from a rescue agency in 2018, in all of which his “mom” plays a heroine’s role in leaping to his rescue (she’s a lady who had an Instagram account purportedly narrated by her dog!).

3) wears a coronavirus mask while walking on a virtually unpopulated trail in the early morning.

4) has so little social awareness and/or New York City street smarts that she can’t tell the difference between a thug (who’s typically young–teenage to mid-20s– operates in a group of fellow thugs, and dresses in thugwear) and some balding middle-aged black guy in a T-shirt and a bicycle helmet.

5) flouts the leash law on an environmentally fragile trail because Fluffy needs his exercise and she can’t be bothered to take him to other nearby parts of Central Park where dogs can legally run unleashed.

6) obviously calls the police without provocation while remembering to be oh-so-politically correct (she says “African-American”? C’mon!);

7) gets so emotionally wrought up that she tortures the dog in the process (I could scarcely watch that prolonged strangling on the video as she repeatedly drags the choking animal by its collar).

Yeah, I know, I know: The mainstream media is going all “leveraged racial power,”She knew her whiteness and his Blackness would make the cops perceive her as uniquely vulnerable — and leave him uniquely vulnerable to the cops,” and “It‘s open season on black men.”

She’s even accused of being a Trump supporter (because, you know, Orange Man Bad Racist), when she actually seems to have made substantial campaign donations over the years to Democrats John Kerry, Barack Obama, and Pete Buttigieg.

I’m not talking about whether the media has gone predictably gaga in anti-Amy Cooper vitriol. I’m talking about whether I want a hysterical “dog mom” trainwreck (and menace to animals) to manage my money. I wish Amy Cooper the best in whatever new career she chooses, as long as it doesn’t get near my investments.

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