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Feminists & light bulbs: Sofia Vergara blasted as sex object for mocking herself as sex object

This latest outpouring of outrage from the sisterhood and its male “allies” has rotated about as predictably as Vergara’s pedestal at the Emmys:

OK, here goes:
The Emmys took a very troubling turn with a bit that presented Sofia Vergara’s body as evidence that TV throughout the years has known how to present viewers with “something compelling to look at.” As the president of the Academy spoke about, of all things, diversity on television, Vergara spun around on a literal rotating pedestal. On a night in which women already make up only 26 percent of nominees, this kind of objectification did not sit so well with viewers watching around the country.
We then transitioned into Sofia Vergara introducing the President of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. Instead of the usual boring spiel the President gives every year, they decided to throw Sofia Vergara on a spinning platform while giving the same boring spiel. She was treated like a literal object.
The moment’s unsavoriness, presenting a successful actress as nothing more than a body to ogle, was compounded by its timing; accepting the award for best variety series moments earlier, Stephen Colbert thanked his “one woman” writer. “Sorry for that, for some reason,” he said. It’s so difficult to deduce the reasons why women might feel discouraged from putting themselves forward as talents in the television industry, based on the fact that even a multiple nominee at the Emmys ends up getting taken for an embarrassing ride, one that goes around and around endlessly and to diminishing effect.
Not to mention all the tweeting about “blatant sexism,” yada, yada.
Feminists constantly gripe that they can’t get jobs writing TV comedy for Colbert and others. Maybe, just maybe that’s because feminists have no sense of humor. Nah, that couldn’t be the reason.
And what was that joke again about how many feminists it takes to screw in a light bulb?
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Feminist war against catcalling: It’s really about white-collar contempt for blue-collar men

My latest blog post for the Los Angeles Times:

[A]s Kimberly Fairchild, a psychology professor at Manhattan College, told CNN in 2008, catcalling “encourages women to look at themselves as body parts instead of as full, whole, intelligent human beings” and can cause women to fear for their safety. “When a man catcalls you, you don’t know if it will end at that point or if it could escalate to assault,” she said.

Really? It usually “ends at the point” at which the attractive woman has finished walking by. Remember that those guys are actually on the job, or maybe taking a lunch break. They don’t have time for “assault.” They have to work for a living.

There’s an obvious element of class snobbery in all this feminist hand-wringing over catcalling. Blue-collar construction workers and white-collar lawyers might be thinking the same thing when they see a pretty girl in a short skirt on a busy sidewalk — men are intensely visually oriented in their sexual responses — but it’s not part of college-educated male culture to wolf-whistle. The anti-catcalling movement is essentially a way of looking down on men who work with their hands.

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Feminist “debunks” myth that feminists hate men–with photo of feminists hating men

Scroll down to #3.

Because nothing says “I love men” so succinctly as a pink poster that reads “Don’t rape.”

This piece, linked on the HuffPo, is titled “The 10 Worst Myths about Feminism, Debunked.”

Some excerpts from the debunking:

1.Feminists hate men.

If anything, the feminist critique of unhealthy masculinity drives this “you just hate men” narrative. Feminists want to put an end to catcalling, harassment and abuse of women. But if the vast majority of abuse of all people, including that of women, is at the hands of men, are you a raging man-hater for pointing that out? Of course not.  


2.Feminists aren’t funny.

But while there is certainly a seriousness with which feminists address issues like the abuse and murder of trans women, for example, there are a million examples of feminists who are funny as heck.  

Don’t get me wrong, I love Jon Stewart as much as the next person, but Lizz Winstead, who co-founded The Daily Show (oh, and Air America and activist-minded comedy group Lady Parts Justice) is one of the funniest people in America.

Here’s the Lady Parts Justice link. You’ll explode from laughing.

3.Feminists are hysterical.


“Hysterical” is a term historically thrown at women to silence them. It dictates that any analysis or complaint raised is inherently over the top. For example, feminists who argued that rape culture is a problem that needs to be seriously addressed are often dismissed as overly emotional and exaggerating.

Hey, feminists, are you sure you want to continue through the next seven “myths”? As Will Rogers said, “If you find yourself in a hole, quit digging.”

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Liberals, the fun people! Attacking the Ice Bucket Challenge for wasting water–or something

From my latest blog post for the Los Angeles Times:

Even the spectacle of progressive hate-object George W. Bush getting doused over the head by former First Lady Laura Bush among the latest in a laundry list of well-known people to undergo the ice-bucket treatment hasn’t mollified the joyless pundits resolved to leach all the pleasure out of a hot summer afternoon.


Will Oremus of Slate wags his finger:

“Some of the people issuing the challenges have tweaked the rules by asking people to contribute $10 even if they do soak themselves. Even so, a lot of the participants are probably spending more money on bagged ice than on ALS research.”


“As for ‘raising awareness,’ few of the videos I’ve seen contain any substantive information about the disease, why the money is needed, or how it will be used. More than anything else, the ice bucket videos feel like an exercise in raising awareness of one’s own zaniness, altruism, and/or attractiveness in a wet T-shirt.”

Don’t you wish that someone would drop a bucket of ice onto Oremus’s head–bottom first? (Just kidding, Will!)

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Wash your mouth out with soap: UK law would jail husbands for “shouting obscenities” at wives

No more “controlling behavior”!

HUSBANDS who keep their wives downtrodden could face prison under new plans set out by the Government today.

Theresa May, the Home Secretary, published proposals for a new offence of “domestic abuse” designed to criminalise men who bully, cause psychological harm or deny money to their partners.

The law would make the worst cases of non-violent “controlling behaviour” a jailable offence.

Exact terms of the offence are yet to be defined, but it could involve humiliating, frightening or intimidating a partner, keeping them away from friends or family or restricting their access to money.

I love the “restricting access to money.” I want to spend my husband into bankruptcy.

The consultation paper acknowledged that domestic abuse was already partly covered by stalking and harassment laws, but it said a new offence might be necessary because some experts had argued that “the law is ambiguous and perpetrators are … not being brought to justice”.

Here’s an example of a perpetrator:

In a separate case highlighted by Rachel Horman, a solicitor who specialises in domestic abuse cases, a woman was woken in the night by her husband, who had been drinking.

He ordered her to go to the garage to buy cigarettes for him, and to bring a receipt to show how much of his money she had spent.

When she returned without the receipt, he shouted obscenities at her and ordered her to get on her knees to beg his forgiveness, which she did immediately to avoid being hit.

You know, there’s already a remedy for this sort of thing. It’s called divorce. But we can’t expect women to stand on their own two feet and exercise volition. Because women are delicate flowers who need protection from the government against big, bad men who say nasty things to them.

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Annals of female courage: Woman goes to a restaurant and eats a meal all by herself

Is this a chick thing?

When I saw an article asking “Are You Ashamed to Eat Out Alone?” I decided it was time to mark this one off of the list.

Yes, I’ve grabbed a quick bite here and there by myself before. I have a favorite lunch spot back home that I sneak off to each time I visit and I’ve spent hundreds (probably thousands) of hours studying alone at coffee shops. But I have never gone to a nice restaurant and enjoyed an entire meal alone.


 I had to work late, so I got to the restaurant after 9. I asked for a seat at the end of the bar. I settled in and ordered a drink called the Bandit, which was made of Averna, grapefruit juice, Ginger Ale, and a lime. It hit the spot. 


I ordered a margarita pizza. Usually you can order it with an egg on top, but they were out that night. Heart break! If you have not had an egg on a pizza before then you are not living life to its fullest. I had the perfect seat; I could watch the guys spin the dough and then cook the pizza right in front of me in a beautiful wood-fire oven.


For dessert I had the Honey Vanilla Panna Cotta which had fresh peaches, preserves, prosecco jelly, zabaglione, and buttermilk cornmeal cookies. This was my first time trying panna cotta. It was basically a sweet creamy gelatin dessert with some white wine jelly and fresh peaches. The peaches were sweet and fragrant; they were all I could smell while I was eating the dessert. It was absolute heaven.

Uh, maybe it’s just me, but I had no idea that going to a restaurant and ordering some food all by myself was a major life challenge. I’ve always looked at it as one of the perks of being a reporter on the road and on an expense account. So I don’t feel “ashamed” to eat alone.

I must say that I would feel ashamed if I ordered the pizza when I could get someone else to pay for a thick steak. Or went anywhere near a cocktail made out of Averna and grapefruit juice.

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Old feminism: “Cut up men”; New feminism: “Reduce the male population by 90 percent”

What you get when you let feminists go to grad school in the social sciences:

Further research into designer babies will be necessary: manipulating gender or sex, prenatal sex discernment, sex-selective abortions, development of dual-female progeny (babies created from two mothers), and numerous other mechanisms will be utilised in order to achieve these aspirations. They won’t be enforced or mandated to achieve the goal in the short-term, but merely heavily encouraged in the early stages.


I believe we must remove men from the community and place them in their own specific sections of society, akin to subsidised or state-funded reservations, so they can be redefined. We can make not only men safer, but women as well. By subsidising said reservations through the state we can provide men with activities, healthcare, entertainment, shelter, protection, and everything that one could ever require in life. This will remove conventional inequality from society. By reducing the number of men to 10 percent of the total population, their socio-biovalue will be raised.


Children should be raised communally and by the state. The nuclear family model is a breeding ground of deceptions, mediocrities, treacheries, hypocrisy, and violence. It needs to be abolished. Bigotry, prejudice, and antiquated convictions are passed down through each generation. The conventional family unit indoctrinates our youth and drains them of their potential. My solution would be to assign children caretakers whose task would simply be to provide shelter, food, clothing, and protection for each child—all of which would be yielded by the state. Perfect girls will be conceived, developed, and engineered in state-owned breeding centers. They will be bound together in a communal venue under the instruction and control of female savants.

Well, this beats her previous idea, which was “International Castration Day.” Or at least I think it does.

h/t: Instapundit

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