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Wimpy Satanists in Oklahoma City can’t even do Black Mass right: No urine, no naked lady

Lingerie? Vinegar? What kind of a Black Mass is that?

Even though the event has been tamed a bit to comply with state law (the usually naked female “altar” will have lingerie; and vinegar is being substituted for urine) and it will no longer feature a Consecrated Host (after a legal challenge, organizer Adam Daniels returned his pilfered Communion wafer to the Church, specifically, Archbishop Coakley of Oklahoma City), Monsignor Patrick Brankin is worried.

They can talk the talk, but they can’t walk the walk.

Didn’t St. Augustine say: If ya gotta sin, “sin boldly”?

Posted by Charlotte Allen

Mom allegedly lets boyfriend beat her baby to death & lies to cops–but “she’s a victim”

Mush-headed female sympathy know no bounds:

'Baby Andres' was taken off life support Saturday, five days after the infant suffered a brutal beating, police allege.

A 5-month-old baby was taken off of life support this weekend after police say he was brutally beaten by his mother’s 27-year-old boyfriend.

Little Andres Bravo was brought to the hospital in horrific condition: he had brain injuries, a lung contusion, two black eyes, and bruises on his buttocks. It didn’t take investigators long to figure out that the story mom Sascha Marie Garcia and boyfriend Antwan James Sawyer told them — that Andres had fallen out of his crib — didn’t ring true. Sawyer, who was reportedly caring for the child at the time of the incident while the baby’s mother allegedly worked her job as an exotic dancer, was first charged with aggravated child abuse until the charges were upgraded to attempted felony murder.


I feel for Adolfo Bravo, Andres’ father. The 32-year-old, who reportedly broke up with Garcia just four months ago, says she called him after she returned home from work and found Andres with bruises and wounds to his head and lower body, but that she downplayed the severity of his injuries.


But hooking up with men who may not be the best babysitters is not necessarily a crime. Few people are going to deny that Sawyer’s history with the law is highly, highly concerning — police say he has been arrested 10 times since 2005 and charges against him have included aggravated assault with a weapon and grand theft.


But plenty of women make that call to get involved with men who aren’t law-abiding citizens. Some of them are able to see the good inside of that person — and sometimes they’re right and deserve respect for giving a person who made a mistake another chance at love. Other times, they discover that person is incapable of changing his bad ways.

Right now, all we know is that Garcia needed a babysitter and, for whatever reason, felt she could trust Sawyer.

Oh, and we also know, if the allegations are true, that Garcia lied to the police and the baby’s father–because she was more solicitous for her hot new thug boyfriend than for her own child.

But she was just trying to “see the good” inside him!

h/t: Dalrock

Posted by Charlotte Allen

Obama: No troops to Iraq for a real war, but 3,000 troops to Liberia for a metaphorical war

My latest blog post for the Los Angeles Times:

Ebola isn’t the Islamic State. It’s a virus. You can’t bomb a virus, and you can’t shoot it dead with a rifle, either. In fact, since right now Ebola is incurable — the only “treatments” that doctors and nurses can give consist of painkillers, fluids, nutrition, and palliative care (see the World Health Organization website for more information) — the closest thing to anything arguably “military” that our soldiers could do would be to force patients into quarantine centers. That would make America extremely popular in Liberia.


That hasn’t stopped Obama, though, from trying to pull a military purpose for his planned Ebola adventure out of thin air. In his speech Tuesday framing his announcement, he declared that Ebola poses “a potential threat to global security.” Well, yes, in the sense that malaria and unclean drinking water pose threats to global security. Or smoking and not using the seat belts in your car.

Obamaland: Where metaphor becomes reality.

Posted by Charlotte Allen

Yet another hot teacher allegedly “raped” yet another horny 15-year-old boy–uh huh

He’s traumatized for life!

If the allegations are true, obviously both parties were doing something wrong, and obviously she ought to lose her teacher’s license for conduct unbecoming a teacher. Teachers shouldn’t be fooling around with students.
There also used to be a crime called “corrupting the morals of a minor”–but we’ve apparently gotten rid of that because it sounded too, uh, moral. But the law used to recognize that the purpose of statutory rape laws was to protect young women from sexual predators, who were–and still are–almost invariably male. That’s because society recognized that–lo!–men and women are different. Men have this thing called testosterone that grows hair on their chests and makes them aggressive and competitive. In many ways this is a wonderful thing–they’re the builders, creators, and protectors of society–but they also commit the vast majority of violent crimes, including rape.
Young women can certainly be no angels, believe me (there’s a laundry list of specifically female weaknesses), but it’s men who typically make the first sexual moves. And society used to have an interest in protecting young women, because it recognized that it’s women, not men, who are often damaged in many ways by early out-of-wedlock sex with older men. At the very least it’s they, not men, who afterwards find it difficult to form permanent loving relationships.
But now we’re “gender-neutral” and we pretend that the sexes are exactly alike and interchangeable. “Statutory rape” involving a supposed female rapist was unknown until maybe 40 years ago, but now it’s here to stay.
In any sane and ordered society: 1) No one would hire a nubile female to spend time with their adolescent sons with runaway hormones: 2) The ability of adolescent boys to spend large amounts of time alone with females would have been severely constricted; 3) When a youth got caught–and apparently he did in this case, as there are allegations that he was bragging about his exploits on Twitter–he would–or should–have been man enough to either take the blame on himself or simply lie in order to protect his woman from the shame and ruination that would inevitably follow. This kid seems to have played the weentsie little boy and blamed her for the six-month “ordeal” he had supposedly experienced; 4) The parents, especially the father, would behave like mature adults. Instead of reading the riot act to his son–and reminding him that anyone old enough to be a father CAN be a father and end up paying 18 years of child support–this father, the biggest weenie of all and perhaps motivated by the prospect of a big judgment against the school system (the parents have lawyered up), whined to the police and press and exposed his own son to ridicule (see the priceless comments at the end of nearly every online press account of this story.
We live in an era of feckless parents, infantilized young people, and worse of all, a society that can’t see the obvious. What’s going to damage this kid isn’t his initiation into sex by an older woman–a fairly common occurrence in times past–but his forced participation in a charade of “rape.”

C’mon–Janay stayed with Ray Rice because she was crazy about him–just like she said

Does the woman in this photo look like she’s suffering from “low self-esteem”?

Ray Rice with Janay Palmer (left) and his mother Janet Rice. Video emerged Monday showing Ray Rice's violent attack of Janay Palmer in a casino hotel elevator.
Or does she look proud as hell because she snagged a rich, good-looking alpha male?

How about what listening to what  Janay Rice herself says about how she feels about her husband?

“If your intentions were to hurt us, embarrass us, make us feel alone, take all happiness away, you’ve succeeded. . . . Just know we will continue to grow & show the world what real love is!”

Look, I’m as opposed to wife-beating (or in this case, fiancee-beating) as the next person. I think that if a man hits his woman, she ought to leave, period and pronto. Because if he hits her once, he’ll hit her again. Better yet, she ought to leave him and then sic her father and/or brothers onto him. I’m of the Sonny Corleone school of dealing with domestic violence.

But this is a gal who married the guy who knocked out her lights. Two weeks after he did it.

And you can armchair-psychoanalize Janay Rice until the cows come home–“low self-esteem,” “he isolated her from her family and friends,” yada, yada–but the fact remains that Janay is staying with Rice because she gets something out of it.

As Kathy Shaidle points out:

What you won’t read in a single #WhyIStayed tweet

“The sex was great #WhyIStayed”

According to the National Domestic Violence Hotline, “abused women leave a relationship seven times before they permanently cut ties with their abuser.” Right, the guy shows up at the women’s shelter with a big bouquet of roses and a pair of earrings–and two minutes later he’s carrying her suitcase for her as she checks out.

Women find dominant men irresistibly sexy–ever wonder why Fifty Shades of Grey has sold more than 100 million copies? And nothing says dominance–and also drama, which women also love–more succinctly than a fist to the face from a handsome brute. Followed by profuse apologies a little later, of course.
I’m not condoning any of this. I think the NFL was perfectly justified in kicking out Rice for conduct unbecoming an NFL player.

But we might be showing more genuine “compassion” for abused women–and encourage them to leave more convincingly–by telling them honestly about the role their own hormones play in tolerating continued episodes of domestic violence–rather than feeding them pops-psych twaddle about “low self-esteem,” “isolation,” and all that.

Posted by Charlotte Allen

Amanda Marcotte’s pity party: She dishes it out on the Internet, but she sure can’t take it

My latest blog post for the Los Angeles Times:

Amanda Marcotte at WIS2 5-18-2013.JPG

All of this reads like a classic case of the pot calling the kettle black. Marcotte is known all over the blogosphere for her virulent tirades against almost everybody she deems to harbor sexist misogyny — and that’s a lot of people.

She’s the blogger who resigned from John Edwards’ campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2008 after someone uncovered posts in which she offended Catholics — a key Democratic constituency — by blasting the anti-abortion Catholic Church for forcing women to bear children and, according to the Washington Post, sarcastically suggesting that the Virgin Mary would have taken the emergency contraceptive Plan B. She blogged about the 2006 Duke lacrosse rape case: “Can’t a few white boys sexually assault a black woman anymore without people getting all wound up about it? So unfair.” The charges against the lacrosse players were dropped in 2007 amid evidence that the alleged victim had fabricated her story.

Amanda Marcotte’s pity party over her cooking post is part of a disturbing trend among women in the media who get hit with nasty criticism to declare categorically that the Web itself is innately hostile to women.

And now I’ll stop posting about Amanda Marcotte for a while. She’s a delightfully slow-moving target, but I don’t want to make her feel all hurt.

Posted by Charlotte Allen

Amanda Marcotte’s “Enemies of Feminism”: Feminists who disagree with Amanda Marcotte

 “No True Feminist”!

1. Christina Hoff Sommers. Sommers is a pioneer in the art of arguing that it’s men who are actually the oppressed class in modern society. Her 2000 book The War Against Boys tried to argue, falsely, that feminists are ruining young men’s lives by oppressing them through the educational system. (Somehow those distressed young men continue to graduate and go on to have better job opportunities and make more money than their female peers.) She was most recently spotted offering her support to an organized online campaign to harass a young video game developer over her sex life.

2. Cathy Young. While Christina Hoff Sommers specializes in facetious claims about imaginary feminist oppressors, Young focuses on minimizing the problems of sexual abuse and harassment of women. Recently, she made a shoddy and dishonest claim that men get harassed more than women online, a claim that necessarily leads to the conclusion that women’s greater stress over harassment must be the result of their inferior constitution. Young also objects to the new movement to pass laws requiring men only to have sex with women who want the sex, on the grounds that men can’t be expected to handle something as simple as reciprocity.


Here’s Christina Hoff Sommers on feminism:

Sommers uses the terms “equity feminism” and “gender feminism” to differentiate what she sees as acceptable and non-acceptable forms of feminism. She describes equity feminism as the struggle based upon “Enlightenment principles of individual justice”[14] for equal legal and civil rights and many of the original goals of the early feminists, as in the first wave of the women’s movement. She describes “gender feminism” as having “transcended the liberalism” of early feminists. Instead of focusing on rights for all, gender feminists view society through the “sex/gender prism” and focus on recruiting women to join the “struggle against patriarchy.”[15] A reviewer of Who Stole Feminism characterized gender feminism as the action of accenting the differences of genders in order to create what Sommers believes is privilege for women in academia, government, industry, or the advancement of personal agendas.[16][17]

And here’s Cathy Young:

Her writing covers a variety of topics in politics and culture, with particular focus on gender issues and feminism, reflecting an individualist feminist perspective (c.f. Wendy McElroy), frequently agreeing with men’s rights activists, while calling them to task for emulating the identity politics associated with some forms of feminism.

Shorter title for Marcotte’s essay: “7 Women I Don’t Like.”

Amanda Marcotte A true feminist

Posted by Charlotte Allen


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