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Dean of NYU’s arts school demonstrates what students are getting for their $58,000-a-year tuition by doing the Elaine Dance when they ask for refunds over coronavirus-canceled classes

Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach. And, it would seem, those who can’t do either become dean of the $58,000-a-year Tisch School of the Arts at New York University.

From the New York Post:

Hundreds of students at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts demanded a partial tuition refund since spring classes were moved online amid the coronavirus pandemic –and their dean responded with a bizarre video of herself dancing to REM’s “Losing my Religion.’’

As of Friday evening, a petition started by NYU students has garnered more than 2,600 signatures from people seeking the tuition relief.

Students say online classes and remote learning via video conferencing app’s like Zoom are not worth the school’s $58,000-a-year tuition.

The students seem to have a point. Regular tuition at NYU is no joke–$51,000 a year–and the extra $7,000 tacked on at Tisch–which specializes in dance, drama, and film and other media–presumably pays for studios and rehearsal opportunities that you can’t quite get while glued to the webcam sitting at home.

The school’s student body, particularly the drama students, have been going “back and forth” with NYU administrators over tuition since their classes were moved to remote learning, according to a post on NYU’s independent student-run blog, NYU Local.

“Aggrieved students argue that remote classes cannot possibly serve as an adequate replacement for classes that necessitate a physical presence in the room (like acting classes, or dance classes, or film projects, or etcetera),” the post reads.

School dean Allyson Green emailed the student body on March 18, saying that they would not be getting a tuition refund, and later sent another email on the matter in which she attached a video showing her dancing and singing to “Losing My Religion” in a living room, students said….

The blog post titled, “An Open Letter to Tisch Dean Allyson Green: Please Stop,” goes on to say that the video is “uncomfortable to watch.”

Green issued a statement to the Post:

“What I meant to demonstrate is my certainty that even with the unprecedented hardships of social distancing and remotely-held classes, it is still possible for the Tisch community to make art together, and that all the artists in our school will find ways to remain closely connected even as circumstances challenge us.”

Mmm, nothing says “making art together” like the Elaine Dance.

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“Tight white polo shirts,” “perfectly weathered face”: Holed up in coronavirus quarantine, love-starved NYC female writers churn out Andrew Cuomo bodice-rippers

Photo: Getty Images
Strange dear, but true dear
When I’m close to you, dear
The stars fill the sky
So in love with you am I
But the one thing I do have to look forward to every day like clockwork has been New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s daily press briefings at 11 a.m. (Sometimes he’s late, and starts them at 11:30. I’ve started referring to this waiting time as “Cuomo FOMO.”) Like a velveteen gravity blanket for my soul, the second I see this man’s perfectly weathered face and tousled curls, the moment his Pacino-like accent fills my living room with its mafia-like authority, my blood pressure drops, my breasts seem to perk up on their own, and a tingly feeling of optimism washes over my imprisoned body as I think to myself… I think we’re gonna be okay….
Even without you
My arms fold about you
You know darling why
So in love with you am I
As I sit alone in my apartment on the couch one of my roommates left behind, wondering when I can escape, if I’m already sick, if anyone will ever hug me again, if my 74-year-old father will survive this, only one thing is certain. Andrew Cuomo, Dear Leader, will take care of me. He loves me. He is the only one who is here for me. He will help me get through this.
In love with the night mysterious
The night when you first were there
In love with my joy delirious
When I knew that you could care

I did not want to miss even his first on-air breath.

I plopped onto the bed in the guest room, pulled up the link and sat back to watch as the governor’s voice came through the speakers on my MacBook.

That sense of angst I’d experienced the day before in the grocery store?


At least temporarily.

So taunt me, and hurt me
Deceive me, desert me
I’m yours, till I die…..

Thank you for your different outfits, your tight white polo shirts, your forceful language, and your clear, easy-to-read graphics that are probably meant as a learning manual for Donald Trump. I love your bar graphs and pie charts, Governor. They’ve helped me to understand what this disease is doing and how important it is to self-quarantine….

I could get used to waking up to Andrew Cuomo on a more regular basis.

So in love…. So in love….
So in love with you, my love… am I….

And then there’s Andrew the dad, embarrassing his kids with stories of their upbringing after his divorce, when he was a single father, and bringing his 22-year-old daughter Michaela to one of his coronavirus press briefings, suggesting it was “cooler” to be with him there than to be on the spring break vacation she had just wisely cancelled….

And after her piece came out, Cuomo called her! (As [Jezebel writer Rebecca] Fishbein wrote in a follow-up: “I did not ask a single substantive policy question. I did not ask about the hand sanitizer. I did not ask him to go on a FaceTime date with me. Somewhere in there, I thanked him for his leadership. I may have blacked out.”)

You know what? Even though I’m married and have three children and a fabulous husband I adore, I felt a pang of jealousy. He was MY competent governor/imaginary boyfriend.

Update: Thanks, Instapundit!

Update #2: Thanks, Ace of Spades HQ!

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A fish story called Wanda? Woman who said she fed husband fatal aquarium cleaner after watching Trump tout it on TV turns out to be Dem “resistance” donor

Photo: Arizona Daily Independent News Network

The Cut, March 24, 2020:

Five days after Donald Trump touted chloroquine as a possible “game changer” in the search for a novel coronavirus cure, a man in Arizona has died from drinking fish-tank cleaner containing the chemical.

On March 20, during a live White House briefing, Trump championed two malaria drugs, chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine, in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic…

The wife of the man who died in Arizona told NBC News that she and her husband ingested chloroquine after realizing that a product used to clean the couple’s fish tank by killing aquatic parasites contained the substance. “I saw it sitting on the back shelf and thought, ‘Hey, isn’t that the stuff they’re talking about on TV?’” she said.

Their intent, she said was to protect themselves from the virus. “Trump kept saying it was basically pretty much a cure,” she explained. She and her husband drank the chemical on March 23, after pouring it into soda, and immediately starting experiencing dizziness and vomiting. He died, and she is in critical condition.

“Oh my God, don’t take anything,” she told reporters afterward. “Don’t believe anything that the president says and his people … call your doctor.” It is terrifying to think that coronavirus misinformation, already a major problem on the internet, is coming from the very top of our government….On Monday, hours after the couple drank their fish-tank cleaner, Trump was talking about chloroquine again.

The Washington Free Beacon, March 30, 2020:

The Arizona woman who said that she and her 68-year-old husband ingested a substance used to clean fish tanks after hearing President Donald Trump tout chloroquine as a cure for the coronavirus has given thousands of dollars to Democratic groups and candidates over the last two years.

The woman’s most recent donations, in late February, were to a Democratic PAC, the 314 Action Fund, that bills itself as the “pro-science resistance” and has vocally criticized the Trump administration’s response to the coronavirus pandemic and held up her case to slam the White House.

Although local and national media outlets withheld the couple’s names, the Washington Free Beacon established their identities through descriptions in local news reports, where the pair were identified by their first names and ages: Gary, 68, and Wanda, 61. The Free Beacon is withholding their identities at Wanda’s request.

Federal Election Commission records show that Wanda has donated thousands of dollars to Democratic electoral groups and candidates over the past two years, including Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, and EMILY’s List, a group that aims to elect pro-choice female candidates….

Wanda told the Free Beacon that she and her husband were both Democrats, not Trump supporters. They heard about the potential benefits of chloroquine, an antimalarial drug, in news reports. She decided at the “spur of the moment” to try taking it, but reached for a fish tank cleaner in her pantry that contains chloroquine phosphate, a different and deadly form of the chemical. The Food and Drug Administration issued an emergency authorization for the use of chloroquine to treat coronavirus on Sunday.

“We weren’t big supporters of [Trump], but we did see that they were using it in China and stuff,” Wanda told the Free Beacon. “And we just made a horrible, tragic mistake,” she said….

Wanda’s most recent contributions to Democratic causes came on Feb. 26 and 28. They went to the 314 Action Fund, a Democratic political action committee that describes itself as “the largest pro-science advocacy organization committed to electing scientists” and aims to “promote the responsible use of data driven fact based approaches in public policy.”

The group has been highly critical of Trump’s coronavirus policies in recent weeks. In fact, on its Facebook page, the group slammed the Trump administration for the couple’s actions, writing, “There are real consequences to the White House throwing its approval behind an experimental drug trial before it’s time.”

Soooo–did the talkative Democrat donor Wanda commit the perfect crime, as some are already speculating? Or were she and Gary just plain dumb plus kinda nuts?

I’ll leave that for you to ponder, dear reader. But one thing is certain: The media aren’t just in the tank. They’re in the fish tank.

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How to coronavirus multitask: Watch AOC’s aid-package hand-flap with the audio off while listening to Joe Biden’s Ebola-czar podcast

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) is as cute as a bug, and she’s never so cute as when she gets mad. And when she gets mad–as she did over the fact that the Senate voted 96-0 to pass the $2 trillion coronavirus aid package on March 26 (something about corporations or socialism)–you don’t even have to listen to her to know that she’s angrier than a polar bear when the seal gets away on the ice floe. Shut off the sound and watch the flapping hands–hilarious! Isn’t AOC just darling as always?

But in the interest of keeping your wasted time to a minimum while AOC’s on mute, here’s something you can do simultaneously: listen to Dem presidential front-runner Joe Biden’s inaugural–and coronavirus-centric–entry in the “Here’s the Deal” podcast series Joe just launched in his run against President Trump. Here’s what Joe’s saying:

…I’m sitting here in Wilmington, Delaware. It’s a scary time. A lot of people out there confused things are changing every day, every hour. So I wanted to have this conversation with you now if we could, why am I doing this? Well, first so we can keep talking with each other or we can’t hold rallies anymore, but we’re not gathering in large public spaces. We’re living in a new normal. But I want you to know that I’m with you. I’m on your side. [inaudible] get through us together as a country.

Good to know, Joe.

Joe’s first podcast guest: Ron Klain. He’s neither a physician nor a scientist–as he admits himself–but, rather a lawyer and Wikipedia-described “political operative”–but he’s got a claim to fame: He served as Joe’s chief of staff from 2009 through 2011 and he was then-President Barack Obama’s Ebola czar in 2014-2015. So Joe asks, for the benefit of his podcast audience:

Ron, I think it’d be helpful if you could walk our listeners through the question on top of everyone’s mind. Is there a shortage of testing and why does that exist if there is?


As you’ve said, mr vice-president, the coronavirus isn’t Donald Trump’s fault, but how we responded to it is, and there’s no issue that illustrates that more than this testing fiasco, uh, Donald Trump didn’t take the steps needed to get the testing in place. As a result compared to almost every other developed nation. We’re behind on getting people tested. We’ve probably done about one 25th of the test per capita that South Korea has done. And we both countries had their first case of the exact same day. There’s no reason why this country should be so far behind nations like South Korea in testing, it’s [inaudible], but we have the same technology, we have the same experts, we have even better doctors and healthcare facilities. And yet we’re really far behind. That problem falls squarely on the shoulders of president Trump and his administration.


I, uh, I’m determined that this should not be political. This is not about partisan politics. It’s about how rapidly we can put in motion the initiatives that are going to save people’s lives and get us through this process….Let me ask another question if I may. A lot of our listeners are interested in how we as a country have handled past health crises. You know, when the Ebola crisis hit, you were, um, my, and president Obama’s first picked to handle it. Take us through that moment. And what you did, you personally, when we asked you to do it, the president asks you to do it. What did you do on day one?


And so the direction I got from president Obama, from you, vice president Biden was let’s take the best advice from scientists and doctors and turn that advice into action. And I think by contrast, what we’ve seen here with the Trump response to coronavirus is a failure of both things. The president notoriously is rejecting the advice of scientists and doctors. He’s not listening to people who are telling them he didn’t in January and February when these experts were telling them, we have a big problem who is going out and downplaying the problem.

Yeah, mmm, yeah. But believe me: Joe Biden’s coronavirus podcasts may not tell you much about coronavirus or anything else, but they’re exactly what you want to listen to while you watch Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez move those hands of hers up and down like a vulture buzzing over roadkill.

And what a great gig Ron Kain had as Obama’s Ebola czar! Nice work if you can get it, don’t you think?

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How to be a NeverTrumper: 1) Set up NeverTrump nonprofit; 2) Get rich guys to fund it; 3) Have a sad when Trump stays in office; 4) Set up another NeverTrump nonprofit

Photo: American Beverage Institute
The New Yorker profiles NeverTrumper par excellence Sarah Longwell (bold is mine):
“Then Mueller happened,” Longwell said, and the idea for their group, Republicans for the Rule of Law, was born. Trump’s firing of of the F.B.I. director James Comey, in the spring of 2017, had set up the first crisis of his Presidency, leading to the appointment of Robert Mueller as special counsel. Longwell and [fellow NeverTrumper Bill] Kristol decided that their group would try to insure that Trump did not fire Mueller or block the investigation; to do this they would pressure Republican officials in the capital….
In February, 2018, as Trump was publicly attacking Mueller, Longwell set up Defending Democracy Together, a 501(c)(4) nonprofit that could accept donations without having to disclose donors. Defending Democracy Together became the umbrella organization for Republicans for the Rule of Law and other likeminded projects that that sought to combat Trump’s policies. Longwell and Kristol worked his contacts and raised substantial sums of money, including from liberal donor Pierre Omidyar, the tech billionaire who funds the leftwing Web site the Intercept….
In November, 2018, as Trump attacked Justice Department norms and practices, Longwell helped [fellow Never Trumper George, husband of Trump counselor Kellyanne] Conway file the paperwork to start Checks and Balances, an anti-Trump group for conservative-minded lawyers, to counter the influential Federalist Society….
As the House was conducting its impeachment vote [in December 2019], which Kellyanne Conway dismissed as the result of Democrats’ “get-Donald-Trump obseession, her husband and other Never Trumpers announced the creation of the Lincoln Project, a group aimed at punishing Trump’s “Republican enablers” in the Senate in the 2020 election….
But Longwell was not conceding defeat. A few days after the Senate trial ended [in February 2020], she launched an ambitious new get-out-the-primary-vote project, which she called Center Action Now. Working with Tim Miller, the Never Trump activist from the failed [Jeb] Bush campaign, Longwell raised more than three million dollars and contacted her lists of Trump-dubious Republicans in states that allowed them to participate in Democratic primaries, among them Michigan, Texas, and Virginia….Longwell and the Never Trumpers cheered [Joe] Biden’s resurrection–and their own.
Lately, though, oops! It’s starting to look as though Longwell may need to scramble one more time to set up yet another entity on her list of NeverTrump nonprofits. She could call that one “Elbow-Coughing Centrists for Andrew Cuomo.” I’m pretty sure that somewhere out there there’s a billionaire or two willing to hand some dollars for once more unto the breach against the dreaded Orange Man.
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Stars–they’re just like us! They can’t sing! They look terrible without makeup! They don’t comb their hair! They think John Lennon is still a thing!

Stars–they’re just like us!

They can’t sing!

They look terrible without makeup!

They wear ratty clothes!

They sometimes don’t comb their hair!

They buy too much house!

They put their feet on the sofa!

They think John Lennon is still a thing!

They group-record–and the outcome looks like a candidate for America’s Funniest Home Videos!

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Oh to be a bitch boss running your startup into the ground: Refinery29 will blame society’s “desire for women executives to be perfect”

Outdoor Voices image picture

Photo: Outdoor Voices/Sportswear International

Here’s the New York Times on the ouster of 31-year-old Tyler Haney from Outdoor Voices, the Instagram-centric ugly-athleisure startup she founded and became CEO of in 2014:

There was more than $50 million in funding, nine stores and appearances on the business conference circuit. A glowing profile in The New Yorker had anointed Outdoor Voices the next Lululemon. In July, Ms. Haney shared the news that she was pregnant on “Good Morning America” with an enthusiastic message about work, family and having it all.

But behind the scenes, Outdoor Voices was cracking.

Store openings were delayed after leases were signed. A string of experienced executives, hired to professionalize the start-up, had abruptly left. An anonymous letter sent to the board of directors blamed Ms. Haney, now 31, for the exits and accused her of being “spoiled” and mercurial. The clothes were selling at discounts. The office in New York, where Outdoor Voices was based before it moved to Austin, Texas, would soon be shut down….

Heading into the new year, Outdoor Voices needed money. In January, the company pieced together a dismal financing that valued it at just $40 million — down from $110 million in 2018….

Some employees bristled at Ms. Haney’s management style. She put pressure on the social media team, which was told to “like” replies to the brand’s Instagram photos within an hour, according to two former employees. When employees left the company, she blocked them on her Instagram account, the former employees said….

In 2018, the company’s handful of stores were spending roughly $22,000 on Maison Louis Marie No. 04 candles, $45,000 on fresh flowers and $36,000 on Topo Chico bottled water, according to an internal memo from February 2019.

Here’s Buzzfeed News on the same topic:

But behind the company’s bright Instagram aesthetic was a toxic, destructive, and, at times, abusive working culture, according to interviews with nearly 20 current and former employees and executives.

The employees, men and women, told BuzzFeed News they wanted to be part of a company that was disrupting the activewear industry while fostering a movement to uplift women of all shapes and athletic abilities on what is an overwhelmingly masculine stage.

But soon after they started, the workers — who agreed to speak on condition of anonymity, citing nondisclosure agreements and fears of reprisal — say they were often belittled, berated, gaslighted, and underpaid for work that intruded into their personal lives. Interviews with family members of the employees, documents, emails, texts, and Slack messages corroborated their accounts….

Former employees said that Haney often appointed friends with minimal experience to senior roles, which caused friction and confusion. Nearly every former employee also recounted how this select group of higher-ups cultivated a Mean Girls environment of cliques, fear, and intimidation that permeated the workplace and repressed people from speaking out….

In nearly every interview, Haney has chronicled her rise from an active, outdoorsy kid growing up in Boulder, Colorado, to a talented runner and track star who caught the attention of prestigious universities. In several articles, including a profile in the New Yorker, she said top schools like the University of Southern California recruited her to run hurdles. But coaches and recruiters from that time told BuzzFeed News they had never heard of Haney, nor did they have any record of her in their notes on recruiting prospects….

Several executives said a finance director had also been reporting “massaged” sales numbers to the board chair and largest shareholders.

“They were not realistic in accordance with what we were doing in sales,” a former senior director familiar with the situation told BuzzFeed News.

In 2018, the company lost $21 million, $3 million of which came from a write-off of excess fabric that had been rotting in storage, according to two people familiar with the situation. OV had budgeted to lose $12 million that year. A former director said that even with $40 million in annual sales, Outdoor Voices was losing $2 million every month. Citing a profit and loss statement from May 2019, a former VP recalled that Outdoor Voices had lost $11 million year-to-date….

“We had no budget,” a former VP said. “If you look at the way we were spending money, you would have thought we were a $500 million company.”…

Former employees also recounted spending countless stressful hours during and outside of work scrambling to complete menial and often costly tasks. In their accounts, people who worked at Outdoor Voices say select managers and leaders mistreated, manipulated, and alienated other team members, perpetuating a culture of fear and mistrust.

“I was crying in the bathroom every day toward the end,” a 27-year-old woman who worked at OV for about a year said.

Fortunately for Haney–and some other female founder/CEOs forced out for allegedly running their startups into the ground while making life a living hell for their employeesRefinery29 rides to the rescue:

It’s possible, then, that the focus on female founders is simply because of the unmet expectation that women would be “nicer” than male founders, but it’s also possible that it’s just a sexist glee over the fall of women who couldn’t live up to society’s ultra-high standards. Winnie app founder Sarah Maukopf wrote on TechCrunch in December: “Articles often highlight when female CEOs curse, yell and show anger or bawdiness, because the shock value is higher than when male CEOs demonstrate these behaviors. We ask women leaders not only to be successful, but also to be ladylike and likable. I have lost count of the number of times I’ve been criticized for not being warm and friendly enough, or saying things that were too blunt.”
This public desire for women executives to be perfect has not gone unnoticed by other women execs….
Female leaders are still perceived differently — both within and outside of the companies they helm — than their male counterparts might be. A 2019 study from University of Virginia’s McIntire School of Commerce, recently published in the Journal of Applied Psychology, created fictional news articles about a fictional company, randomly changing the CEO’s name from “Adam” to “Abigail” in half of them. The gender of this fictional CEO made a significant difference in how respondents reacted to the articles.
“Our study found that consumers’ trust in, and willingness to support, an organization after a failure varied based on the gender of the organization’s leader and the nature of the failure,” researcher Nicole Votolato Montgomery said in a press release. “Women incur greater penalties for ethical transgressions because of persistent gender stereotypes that tend to categorize women as having more communal traits than men, such as being more likable, sensitive, and supportive of others. Even in leadership settings, women are still expected to be more communal than their male counterparts.”
Isn’t it nice to be a female CEO of a startup? You can pad your resumé, you can yell at your employees until your vocal chords go slack, and you can spend your venture-capitalist investors’ dollars as though you had a printing-press in your basement–but if you get fired, someone at Refinery29 will reassure you that it’s all the fault of our sexist society’s “unmet expectations that women would be ‘nicer’ than male founders.”
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