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Saida Grundy’s excellent electronic adventures: Now it’s a sex site set up for a love-rival

My latest blog post for the Independent Women’s Forum:

Saida Grundy, the incoming Boston University professor accused of insensitive trolling.

Grundy: Loving her some social media

First, there was the bizarre series of anti-white, anti-male Twitter comments, all tweeted by Grundy, who is black, made only this past April, after Boston University hired her to teach sociology and African-American studies starting this fall. They included such remarks as:

“why is white america so reluctant to identify white college males as a problem population?”

“in other words, deal with your white [expletive], white people. Slavery is a *YALL* thing.”


But now there’s this, reported by the Boston Herald:

Grundy used the identity of a Virginia woman in a jealous fit over a man in late 2007 to create online accounts in the woman’s name, including one on an adult website for people looking for trysts, according to a police report obtained by the Herald under a Freedom of Information Act request.

Grundy got one year of probation after pleading guilty to malicious use of telecommunication services, a misdemeanor, according to online court records and Dan Dwyer, the court administrator at Washtenaw County Trial Court in Michigan. Two felony charges, identity theft and using a computer to commit a crime, were dismissed.

The cyber harassment took place in December 2007 when Grundy was at the University of Michigan, where she earned a master’s degree in sociology and a doctorate of philosophy in sociology and women’s studies in 2014.


During an interview with detectives at her home in May 2008, Grundy said she had never met the victim but “this was a jealous thing regarding another man,” according to the police report.

Posted by Charlotte Allen

Media uncover real reason for Waco brawl: restaurant “objectification of women”

My latest blog post for the Independent Women’s Forum:

Twin Peaks
Making men happy with beer and bodaciousness–we can’t have that

Guess what’s to blame for that biker brawl over the weekend in Waco, Texas, that resulted in nine deaths and 170 arrests? Restaurant sexism.

Here’s an alarmist piece from Newsweek: “One location advertises ‘the coldest beer, tastiest food and the hottest girls.’ Servers with names such as Roxy and Mandy don cargo shorts and red plaid tops, tied at the center and covering little more than a bikini top. A restaurant specialty is the ‘shot ski,’ a wooden ski with shot glasses attached, which waitresses parade around while chanting ‘shot ski!’ and hold up to patrons’ mouths like a limbo stick. The restaurant hosts bikini contests and car washes, where tanned women strut down makeshift runways as customers munch on sliders, steaks and sandwiches, and guzzle drinks called the Dirty Blonde and Knotty Brunette. Beers come in two sizes: ‘girl’ and ‘man,’ and servers describe the dining as ‘man-craveable food.'”


The ultra-liberal website ThinkProgress reveals even more Twin Peaks crimes against  feminist correctness:

“So-called ‘breastaurants’ spark a lot of controversy for what many critics complain amounts to the objectification of women. Twin Peaks’ CEO, Randy DeWitt, refers to his female employees as “weapons of mass distraction.” The waitresses employed at Twin Peaks are given discounts at gyms, nail salons, and tanning salons, as well as a ‘diet menu’ to help them avoid gaining any weight. Some of its locations hold ‘lingerie weeks’ during which waitresses don their lacy underwear.

“But the restaurant chain’s internal memo aimed at ‘guys-guys’ is a reminder that deeply entrenched gender roles can also impact men. In a society where men are assumed to be ‘simple creatures’ who never want to talk about what they’re thinking or feeling, there isn’t a lot of room for more nuanced explorations of masculinity — something that researchers confirm has demonstrably negative consequences for men’s health.”

Posted by Charlotte Allen

Ivy League cowardice: Columbia lets mattress girl break rules and tote mattress to graduation

My latest blog post for the Independent Women’s Forum:

“Large objects” were supposed to be parked elsewhere

Isn’t Columbia University supposed to enforce its rules governing student contract?

Because on Tuesday, smack in the middle of Columbia’s commencement ceremonies for its graduating class of 2015, there was Sulkowicz with her mattress in the diploma line–even though Columbia had sent the following e-mail directive to the graduating seniors:

“Class Day and Commencement are community-wide ceremonial events of shared celebration and mutual respect of all class members. Everyone who attends—especially graduating students, their families and friends—participate with a well-founded expectation that they will enjoy what is one of life’s more meaningful milestones.

“Columbia has always sought to balance its overarching commitment to free expression on ideas and public issues with the legitimate interest in ensuring that graduation ceremonies proceed in a way that fulfills their intended purpose, mindful of the security and comfort of all participants.

“Graduates should not bring into the ceremonial area large objects which could interfere with the proceedings or create discomfort to others in close, crowded spaces shared by thousands of people. There will be safe and visible spaces both in Lerner and next to the tents where students can leave such large objects immediately before the Class Day ceremony and pick them up afterwards.”

Sulkowicz, however, did not leave her “large object” in any of those “safe and visible spaces.”

Instead, she and three female classmates, clad in their caps and gowns, strode boldly across the stage carrying the mattress to make their protest one more time against Columbia’s refusal to expel or otherwise discipline a male classmate whom Sulkowicz said had raped her in 2012. A university administrative tribunal had found that fellow student, Paul Nungesser–who was also present at the commencement ceremonies–was “not resonsible” for the alleged sexual assault she said had occurred in her Columbia dorm room. Unhappy with the ruling, Sulkowicz persuaded an art professor at Columbia to allow her to fulfil her senior-thesis requirement by carrying her dorm mattress around campus until Columbia changed its mind. Columbia never did back down, despite gushing feminist and  mainstream-media coverage of Sulkowicz and her “art.”

But when it came time for Columbia to tell Sulkowicz to give it a rest, in consideration of all the other graduating students and their parents who were on campus to celebrate commencement, not to protest “rape culture,” the host of Columbia administrators present did…nada.

And when some students complained that Columbia wasn’t enforcing its rules, here’s what happened:

“’We communicated to all students that the shared celebratory purpose of Class Day and commencement calls for mutual respect for the security and comfort of graduating students and their families in attendance’ Columbia said in a statement. ‘We are not going to comment on individual students; it is a day for all members of the Class of 2015. We were not going to physically block entry to graduates who are ultimately responsible for their own choices.'”

So why set the rule in the first place?
Posted by Charlotte Allen

Sen. Claire McCaskill outraged that–surprise!–someone gets raped on “Game of Thrones”

My latest blog post for the Independent Women’s Forum:

sansa and ramsay

Sansa and new husband Ramsay: The Middle Ages without the nice people

What is it about female Democratic senators and fictional rape victims?

First–back in January–we had New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand taking Columbia mattress-toter Emma Sulkowicz under her wing.

Indeed, Gillibrand had Sulkowicz, who graduated from Columbia today, accompany her to President Obama’s State of the Union address on Jan. 20. This even though Paul Nungesser, the fellow student whom Sulkowicz accused of raping her when both were sophomores, was found not responsible by a Columbia tribunal and has since released numerous e-mails indicated that Sulkowicz and he maintained a friendly relationship well after the alleged sexual assault, which Nungesser said never occurred. Nungesser is currently suing Columbia for allegedly allowing Sulkowicz to bully him and stain his reputation by carrying the matress around campus as part of a supposed art project.

Now, Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill is outraged over another fictional rape: that of Sansa Stark, one of the heroines of HBO’s long-running fantasy series Game of Thrones.

At least there really is an Emma Sulkowicz.

After watching the May 17 episode, in which the virginal Sansa, who is only 14, is brutally ravished on her wedding night by her monstrous young husband, Ramsay Bolton, McCaskill took to Twitter:

“Ok, I’m done Game of Thrones.Water Garden, stupid.Gratuitous rape scene disgusting and unacceptable.It was a rocky ride that just ended.”


But as Sonny Bunch of the Washington Free Beacon pointed out, both the Martin novels and the television versions of Game of Thrones, feature an act of unspeakable brutality and cruelty in nearly every chapter (in the novels) or episode (in the series). Game of Thrones is essentially the Middle Ages without any of the nice people like St. Francis or Queen Guinevere.


So you have to ask: Why have feminists homed on this particular act of sexual assault? My own theory is that unlike, say, the Sulkowicz mattress story, or the hoax at UVA, which turned quickly and recently into public-relations disasters for rape-culture talking heads, the rape of Sansa on Game of Thrones can’t be debunked–because it really, really never did happen.
Posted by Charlotte Allen

Social justice warriors in space: Mars exploration is all about “white male Europeans”

My latest blog post for the Independent Women’s Forum:

Computer rendering of the Curiosity Rover.

White Privilege Planet

Old First World problem: White male Europeans dominate Western society.

New First World problem: White male Europeans dominate Mars.


Guardian contributor Martin Robbins writes:

“To paraphrase Douglas Adams: ‘Space is white. You just won’t believe how vastly, hugely, mind-bogglingly white it is.’ It’s also very male and European. Women in space-colony fiction have generally been presented as sexy walking vaginas, whose main purpose is to provide the male astronauts with a place to dock their penis at night. This being necessary in order to ‘ensure the survival of the species.


“There’s no room for discussion about social justice or equality when it comes to planning our future Mars colonies because we all just assume that decent educated scientists and engineers – the ‘right kind’ of people – won’t have any problem with that sort of thing.”

Posted by Charlotte Allen

California U. aproves a U.S. history course that teaches no history but plenty of “diversity”

My latest blog post for the Independent Women’s Forum:

World’s Top Ten Biggest Wars in History
Missing from the syllabus: the Civil War

Don’t know much about history….

And you really won’t if you’re a student at California State University-Sacramento, where the administration has just voted to allow undergrads to use a course in Anthropology 101 to fill a state-mandated course in American history as a requirement for graduation.

And Anthro 101 at Sacramento State sure isn’t a course that has anything to do with American history, or even any kind of history. Or indeed anthropology per se, as traditionally understood: the observation of isolated cultures, the study of human origins, and the acquisition of archaeological methodology and techniques.

Anthropology today is all about good old victimology, the airing of the usual grievances by feminists, ethnic minorities, and LGBT activists.


As Sac State history professor Joseph A. Palermo wrote in an op-ed for the Sacramento Bee:

“The new introductory ‘history’ course leaves out, among other things, the Progressive Era, World War I, women’s suffrage, the Great Depression, FDR, the New Deal, World War II, McCarthyism, the Cold War, the Korean War, the nuclear arms race, the Cuban Missile Crisis, the JFK assassination, Freedom Summer, the United Farm Workers Union, the Vietnam War, Stonewall, Watergate, Second Wave Feminism, the Iranian hostage crisis, the fall of the Berlin Wall, the Gulf War, globalization, the 9/11 attacks, and the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.”

Posted by Charlotte Allen

Shocking new First World problem: Not following enough women on Twitter–it’s “passive sexism”

My latest blog post for the Independent Women’s Forum:

Jessica Valenti believes that too many women try to be perfect mothers ...
Jessica Valenti: Monitoring strangers’ phones for misogyny

Microaggressions–so tiny you can’t even see them–are bad enough as far as feminists are concerned.

But now we have something even tinier and even worse: micro-passive-aggressions.

Credit ultra-feminist Jessica Valenti of the U.K. Guardian for discovering this shocking new form of misogyny: not following female tweeters on your Twitter feed. That’s “passive sexism”–and it must be ruthlessly eradicated.

Here’s Valenti’s tweet about the male pig she encountered on a New York subway car:

“The guy next to me on the subway was checking Twitter; he followed almost all the same people I did but NO WOMEN. Passive sexism is for real”

And if that’s not passively sexist enough, how about this, tweeted by Valenti exactly one minute later:

“It’s like when you meet someone whose favorite authors, musicians, artists, etc are all RANDOMLY male. Suspect.”

Congratulations, Jessica! You’ve discovered a brand-new form of oppression of women: men sitting on subways or buying books and music online, all, by the way, minding their own business.


Naturally a bunch of people took to laughing at Valenti with their own tweets–and social justice warriors don’t like to be laughed at, So Valenti tweeted in response:

“Whenever Twitter gets mad at me I know I have my next column idea”

Mmm, I can’t wait to read that one. I’ll be checking the Guardian‘s website every day.

Posted by Charlotte Allen


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