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Gorillas in the dissed: Primate images banned in U. of Kansas dorms because too “masculine”

From my latest blog post for the Independent Women’s Forum:

Harambe: First killed, then turned into a non-person


Campus Reform reports:

“An RA at the University of Kansas was advised against incorporating an image of a gorilla into a jungle-themed floor decoration because the animal apparently represents ‘a very masculine image.’…

“’I think it would be best if your floor chose a different theme animal to be more inclusive,’ Assistant Complex Director Dale Morrow wrote in an email at the start of this academic year. ‘First, gorillas represent a very masculine image, and I feel that this would not be inclusive to all of our residents on that floor.’

“’Second, this animal could be triggering to some people as their [sic] are stereotypes that surround this animal,’ he continued, noting that all the RA would need to change ‘is the picture and the words.’”

I can’t tell whether the administrator in question had something against the species Gorilla gorilla, whether he actually meant to include all primates in the ban, or his gorilla revulsion was somehow related to the Harambe ban at Clemson University, also reported by Campus Reform:

“A Clemson administrator sent an email to Resident Advisors (RAs) Friday instructing them to demand that freshman remove all Harambe references from dorm hallways and windows.”

Read the whole thing here.

Posted by Charlotte Allen

Media’s pre-debate sexist stereotypes: Inviting Flowers supposed to be a turn-off for women

From my latest blog post for the Independent Women’s Forum:

hillary-stairsGetting ready: Women were supposed to side with the Clintons over Bill’s adultery


Wouldn’t it be nice if, given that we’ve got a woman running as a major-party candidate for president for the first time in history, that the press refrained from sexist stereotypes?

Here are a few, from major-newspaper commentary on tonight’s debate between Democratic contender Hillary Clinton and Republican contender Donald Trump:

1. Women are so mindlessly loyal to their husbands that when a husband commits adultery, they’ll take his side:

“Mr. Trump also boasted of having employed women in influential jobs. But he risked alienating some women voters over the weekend by threatening to provide a front-row seat at the debate to Ms. [Gennifer] Flowers as retaliation to remarks by Mark Cuban, the billionaire who has been a vocal Trump critic.”

That’s Patrick Healy and Alexander Burns of the New York Times in a pre-debate analysis.

Right, it’s “alienating” to a woman to point out that some other woman has messed around with her husband. Sisterhood is powerful!

2. Women are natural caregivers for children, and that’s the role that ought to define them.

“So who are Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump?

“We know their resumes. We know their histories. We know their foibles and weaknesses. But do we know their characters? Clinton has asked who the American people want to answer that 3 a.m. call. In past campaigns, other questions have arisen. With whom would you leave your children? With whom would you like to grab a beer?

“Hands down, Clinton gets the kids and Trump gets the tab.”

That’s Kathleen Parker of the Washington Post.

Hmm, Donald Trump has raised five children, and among the four adults, three are Ivy League grads or near-grads, and one’s a graduate of elite Georgetown. Plus, he seems to get along well with young people: Remember the helicopter rides he gave the kids at the Iowa State Fair in 2015?

Futhermore, Trump doesn’t drink–so he wouldn’t be worth much in a bar. Clinton, by contrast, enjoys a beer or two, especially with the press in tow.

So, isn’t it kind of sexist to assume that just because she’s a woman, Hillary is the one whose better attuned to taking care of children instead of companionably enjoying a brewski? Is women’s place always supposed to be in the home?

Read the whole thing here.

Posted by Charlotte Allen

Old and tired: “Basket of deplorables.” New and hot: “Why aren’t I 50 points ahead?”


My late father was a successful trial lawyer, so good at his job that he regularly taught classes to other lawyers on the nuts and bolts of winning a case in the courtroom. One of his topics was examining a witness on the witness stand.

And here was his top piece of advice:

“Never ask a question that you don’t already know the answer to.”

Because you might get answers like these collected on Twitchy:

The short explanation for why Hillary Clinton isn’t 50 points ahead is “Hillary Clinton”

Because you’re an Anti-American, felony committing hag who has proven time and time again that only the the deranged and moronic of our nation would possibly think of voting for you.

she has to ask?

It’s the pantsuits, Hills. There I said it. Sorry…….

Be thankful you’re still even in the race, Hillary.

The question isn’t why she’s not 50 points ahead, the real question is WHY ISN’T SHE UNDER INDICTMENT?

Because her shrieking voice would drive Vultures off a day old road kill?

Because the only way to do that is to salt the polls with 90% democrats.

See what I mean? Now, Hillary Clinton is a lawyer, and she went to one of America’s best law schools: Yale.

But she didn’t take a class from my dad.

Or these words would have been burned onto her brain: Never ask a question that you don’t already know the answer to.

Posted by Charlotte Allen


Old and tired whine: “sexist microaggressions”; new and hot whine: “gender shrapnel”

From my latest blog post for the Independent Women’s Forum:

Image result for ellen mayock image

Prof. Mayock: Shrapnel in academia kind of like London during the Blitz


Haven’t experienced any sexist microaggressions recently?

That’s OK. You can still be a victim—of  “gender shrapnel.” That’s leftover misogyny from the past that still hurts.

“Gender shrapnel” is a phrase coined by Ellen Mayock, professor of Spanish, women’s, and gender studies at Washington and Lee University. And in fact Mayock has a new book out on the subject, Gender Shrapnel in the Academic Workplace.

Because although we outsiders think of academia as a politically correct, trigger warning-protected haven for the most meltable of snowflakes, it actually contains more shrapnel than London during the Blitz.

Here’s an explanation, from an interview with Mayock in Inside Higher Education:

“Shrapnel takes its name from its central concept: that female professors and administrators aren’t necessarily overtly discriminated against as much as they are subject to regular insults and slights — all of which build up over time to inflict real damage….

“Put another way, digs such as ‘How does your husband deal with this?’ (‘this’ being long hours at work that have amounted to a productive research agenda), lodge in one’s skin, like bits of shrapnel from an explosion meters off. One isn’t fatal but many over time pose risk to the woman — or at the very least to her longevity in academe.”

Academia also seems to be rife with of “bad gender days,” which are like bad hair days except with gender. Here’s Mayock:

“A bad gender day for me might include being interrupted at a meeting, hearing another credited with my idea or work, having someone speak for me, rather than listen to me, and/or being seen in a group of women and being asked what we are ‘plotting.’”

Read the whole thing here.

Posted by Charlotte Allen


No mo’ faux pho fo’ yo’: Foodie mag in trouble for showing white guy eating Vietnamese chow

From my latest blog post for the Independent Women’s Forum:

Patrick Heagney via Getty Images


Pho no-no: Slurping this stuff while white


And as the HuffPo pointed out, Bon Appetit heaped appropriation insult upon appropriation injury:

“The outlet not only labeled pho as a trend, but also called it ‘the new ramen,’ in its video.”

Read the whole thing here.

Posted by Charlotte Allen

Surprise, surprise! NYC’s free street Wi-Fi kiosks taken over by homeless and porn-surfers

From my latest blog post for the Independent Women’s Forum:

At a kiosk: When something’s free, you get what you pay for.


Feb. 13, 2016, from the office of New York Mayor Bill de Blasio:

“Mayor de Blasio, Counsel to the Mayor Maya Wiley, DoITT Commissioner Anne Roest and representatives from CityBridge today announced the public launch of LinkNYC, which is transforming the City’s old payphones into Wi-Fi kiosks to create the world’s largest and fastest free public Wi-Fi network. These kiosks, called ‘Links,’ will provide New Yorkers with an incredibly fast, secure and private Wi-Fi network with a 150-foot radius, free domestic calling, two USB charging ports, a tablet for accessing the internet, and a red 911 button to contact emergency services. Overall, at least at 7,500 Links – and as many as 10,000 – will be installed across the five boroughs….

“’Today New York becomes the second largest tech sector city with the fastest free Wi-Fi in the world,’ said Counsel to the Mayor Maya Wiley. ‘And today is the day we take a bite out of the broadband bill for New Yorkers, at no cost to the taxpayers. With this hotspot, this city takes an important step toward a fairer distribution of broadband service.

Aug. 14, 2016, from the New York Times:

“After months of complaints from residents, businesses and other elected officials, Mr. de Blasio, a Democrat, conceded that combining unfettered internet access with free Wi-Fi was a recipe for bad behavior.

“Now, yielding to complaints, the operator of the kiosks, LinkNYC network, is shutting off their internet browsers, but not their other functions, while it works out a Plan B with city officials….

“Users were expected to make short stops at the kiosks. But the sites quickly attracted homeless people and other idle users who took full advantage of the unlimited access to the internet to turn the kiosks into al fresco living rooms, watching movies and playing music for hours.

“’People are congregating around these Links to the point where they’re bringing furniture and building little encampments clustered around them,’ said Barbara A. Blair, president of the Garment District Alliance, a business group in Manhattan….

“Councilman Corey Johnson, a Democrat whose district encompasses Greenwich Village, Chelsea and part of Midtown, said police officials had asked for the removal of ‘several problematic kiosks’ along Eighth Avenue. He said he had observed people watching pornography on the kiosk screens with children nearby.”

Read the whole thing here.

Posted by Charlotte Allen

Bill Clinton’s health issues: weird, rambling speech in Nevada re “road rage,” Hillary’s “flu”

From my latest blog post for the Independent Women’s Forum:

Bill on a binge: Sounds brain-fried when he gets Hillary’s 9/11 near-collapse all wrong

From the Washington Post, with a North Las Vegas dateline:

“Clinton also reported that his wife, who was diagnosed Friday with pneumonia, is on the mend, only he referred to her as having the flu.

“’She’s feeling great, and I think she’ll be back out there tomorrow,’ Clinton said of his wife, who plans to campaign Thursday in North Carolina. ‘It’s a crazy time we live in, you know, when people think there’s something unusual about getting the flu. Last time I checked, millions of people were getting it every year.'”

The flu?

Was Bill off “[obscenity]-ing” a “bimbo,” to paraphrase Colin Powell, while Hillary was recuperating from her near-collapse on Sunday at the 9/11 memorial observance? Nope–NBC News says:

“When she later returned to her home in Chappaqua, Bill Clinton was already there, having not attended the ceremony.”


“Speaking in a state that he carried twice but polls suggest is surprisingly tight this year, Clinton framed the election as a choice between a candidate who’s served others her entire life and is offering solid policy proposals and one who is appealing to a sense of ‘road rage’ in the country.

Road rage?

Here’s Merriam-Webster’s definition of “road rage”:

“a motorist’s uncontrolled anger that is usually provoked by another motorist’s irritating act and is expressed in aggressive or violent behavior”

That’s a strange way to describe an action otherwise known as “voting.”


My theory is that Bill Clinton is suffering from Italian Food Overdose. The U.K. Daily Mail reported that a deliveryman from the nearby pizza-and-eggplant-parmigiana joint Basilico dropped off a big bag of chow at the Clinton residence on Sunday night. And you can’t tell me that Hillary ate all that stuff all by herself.

I suspect that Bill had a few too many spicy meatballs.

Read the whole thing here.

Posted by Charlotte Allen