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WaPo: First Trump was just like Hitler; now he’s just like “affluenza” teen killer Ethan Couch

January 4, 2016

Vlad Tepes 002.jpg

Next he’ll be “just like” Vlad the Impaler


First Donald Trump was just like Hitler. Then he was just like Mussolini.

But now that the Washington Post has run out of World War II-era dictators with whom to compare the upstart presidential candidate (and GOP front-runner by a long shot), what to do?

Oh, I know, says Post columnist Ruth Marcus: Let’s compare him to Ethan Couch!

Who? Oh, you know, that rich Texas teen-ager who got drunk and plowed his SUV into a parked car, killing four people and injuring nine others? His lawyers argued that the youth was suffering from “affluenza” under the malign influence of his wealthy parents, so a judge sentenced him to 10 years of probation and therapy instead of ordering him to do time in juvie hall. Couch was recently detained as a fugitive from justice upon being discovered with his mother in Puerta Vallarta after his probation officer reported him missing.

Oh, that is so just like Trump!

No really, they’re both rich, aren’t they?

Writes Marcus:

If Couch is the affluenza teen, Trump is the affluenza candidate. The symptoms he exhibits are multiple, and florid: The overweening sense of entitlement. The conflation of money and intelligence, and the belief that wealth is a virtue in itself. The obsessive flaunting thereof.

Next from the Washington Post: Donald Trump is just like Vlad the Impaler. They both had elaborate hairstyles, didn’t they?







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  1. She is making amends of course for her critical column on Billy Clinton.

  2. SMC permalink

    Vlad the Impaler? Great! He was excellent in keeping Islam out of Romania that’s why he’s still considered a hero.

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