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Study finds that liberals really are weed-smoking wimps who cry a lot and watch The Daily Show

July 14, 2016

From my latest blog post for the Independent Women’s Forum:

Young man watching tv, crying

Young man watching TV, crying / AP: Probably a liberal

Ha ha! Every wishy-washy stereotype about liberals turns out to be…true!

Liberals really do cry at the drop of a hat, get their news from The Daily Show, and smoke a lot of weed–just as we all suspected. Oh, and they also tend to be vegetarians.

Conservatives: Guns, steak, the outdoors, and Jesus!

The Washington Free Beacon‘s Elizabeth Harrington reports:

“Conservatives are more interested in the outdoors and the gun range while liberals prefer ‘museums, yoga, and crying,’ according to a new study by the online dating website OkCupid.

“OkCupid used data from nearly 200,000 profiles for its Words and Politics analysis, which also found that liberals looking for love are vegetarians and conservatives like steak….

“For users who said they are ‘actively seeking love’ the divide between conservatives and liberals was stark.

“’Like the outdoors or going to the shooting range? So do a majority of conservatives interested in love,’ OkCupid said. ‘Liberals looking for love prefer museums, yoga, and crying.’

“The analysis also found liberals tend to list ‘The Daily Show, Broad City, NPR, podcasts, and weed’ on their profiles, while conservatives mention ‘Jesus, faith, guns, and Marines.’…

“Other terms commonly listed on liberal profiles included ‘Atheist,’ ‘Social Justice,’ ‘Feminist,’ and ‘Queer.’ Common conservative terms included ‘Country,’ ‘Fishing,’ ‘Old fashioned,’ and ‘C.S. Lewis.'”

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